Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Vocal Training. Karaoke Singers, Public Speakers and Actors need the same Vocal Training.

Welcome back for more important information on Vocal Training, Breathing Exercises, Clear Diction Exercises and Vocal Coaching.

Attention ALL Vocalists!

The important word here is ALL. All refers to Singers of all ages and styles, Public Speakers who have a membership with Toastmasters Inc or specialize in Speaking at Corporate Seminars, Actors who need to project their Voice with Power and Clear Diction and Athletes who need to improve their Oxygen Intake for Optimum Physical Performance.

My experience with Professional, especially institutional, Vocal Training through the years is that the private instruction and lesson material is often taught in a very "Sterile" manner with little personality. Or it is taught by many people with no formal education that consider themselves Professional Vocal Teachers just because they have sung for a few years.

Anybody who has attended most University Music Programs knows that there has always existed a separation between the "High Brow Professor Crowd" and the "Amateur, Pop Music Crowd." I have experience in both fields. I grew up with parents that had a music store that catered to pop music and they also promoted rock concerts. I played hard rock in many bands.

Then, I challenged myself and got a formal degree with Music Teaching Credentials. I understand both sides of the "Vocal Music Educational Experience." Due to this real life education on both sides of the fence, I am able to teach effectively to both sides. Further, my vision is not limited to just singers. I want to teach ALL PEOPLE how to operate their voice in a powerful, controlled and effective manner.

Further, one of the greatest oversights in the Vocal Training Books, in my opinion, is that they are not marketing to "all vocalists" in one book. The techniques I teach daily and have compiled in my revolutionary e-book, “Singing and Speaking on the Edge of Grunt,”
(http://www.vocaltrainingwarrior.com/ebooks) for Singers are the same ones I use for Public Speakers, Actors and even Athletes. My book can be on all three shelves and be one book.

Try this experiment. The next time you travel to a large bookstore, locate these three sections. Vocal training for Singers, for Training for Public Speakers and Training for Actors. You will find a fair amount of books on Voice Training in the Singers section. In the other sections, look through the books. You will find only a very small mention of the subject or none at all.

This is incredible!

The fact is that the same comprehensive techniques to achieve Voice Power, Endurance and Clear Diction are needed for all three disciplines. They are forever joined, and not separate.

My book was written to teach Singers, Public Speakers, Actors and People who talk, beginners and pros, the proper way to sing and speak. My successful techniques are in harmony with the basic functions of the human body. From my College Music Education Experience, my over 25 years of teaching private voice to Singers and Speakers, the 10 years that I directed a large Choir and the numerous vocal competitions I have judged, I have been amazed at the absolute lack of basic vocal training that I have seen.


I wrote this book to offer a manual to my own students and now I want to share my proven techniques to as many people as possible.

All my clients fully understand all the physical components of the human vocal instrument. Then they learn HOW to use them with power and confidence. Another example is my work with Athletes. My breathing techniques have helped many athletes to increase their stamina and overall abilities. Breathing correctly is important for everyone.

Readers of my e-book will further benefit from the following:

1) They will learn how to breathe correctly. This will be important even if they are not singers or speakers but just need to talk better.

2) They will be introduced to a thorough study of the three major body systems used to produce sound.
a) The Abdominal Muscles
b) The Larynx (vocal chords)
c) The resonating chambers of the neck and head

3) After a thorough understanding of basic function, they will learn how to coordinate these systems to produce powerful, clear and controlled sound.

4) They will learn the intricate aspects of proper diction and how to use the natural physical tools within their head to produce clear and powerful communication.

5) They will learn the secrets to proper interpretation during any type of vocal performance.

6) Ultimately, they will become confident and independent vocalists, able to teach others.

I can’t stress the absolute importance of the proper understanding of how your voice operates. Even if all you do is talk.

My revolutionary e-book is on sale for only 27.00. Clients pay me as much as 2,400.00 a year to get this information. Now that’s a discount! Buy it now and change your voice and your life!

Let me know how you are doing. Jonathanjenkins@vocalwarrior.com

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See you next time.

Jonathan Morgan Jenkins

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Oxygen - The Best Medicine / Blog #4

In my last Blog on 10/8, we continued our discussion of the importance of oxygen for, not only singing and speaking, but for overall physical health. It is a fact that, when many of us search for solutions to proper Vocal Training, Breathing Exercises or Remedies for Sore Vocal Chords, we have a tendency to think the answer is always something complicated that is hidden in some medical journal. Because of bad public relations regarding Natural Cures (there have been a lot of scams), many of us shy away simple solutions and search for a complicated answer. Maybe it is time to simply Breath Deeply every time we breathe and start with the solutions that are within our power to perform. My 25 years of teaching private voice has proven this on a daily basis.

I am featuring my final article on the absolute importance of breathing enough Oxygen on a daily basis to assure optimum health. Learn and live lifestyle solutions to health problems that are FREE before emptying your bank account on traditional health solutions.

How does our environment affect our Oxygen intake?

I was born in Santa Monica and raised in Southern California. In the early 1960’s, my family moved to San Clemente on the Pacific Ocean located at the very bottom of Orange County. The town’s population was under 5,000 and it seemed to be a million miles from Los Angeles with its smog filled skies.
With all the hysteria that currently exists on Global Warming and Polluted Air, let me tell you a personal story to prove to you how far we have come, at least in relation to the air we breathe. Often we do not hear the good news, only the bad. It makes better headlines.

During the summertime in Grade School, without cable television, video games, internet, etc. my friends and I spent most of our days outside riding bikes, hiking, swimming, surfing, fishing or playing sports. In other words, we were constantly exercising and breathing a lot of air. Further, overweight or obese children were a minority in my school. Gee! I wonder why?

This was also the time period before catalytic converters and emission controls on cars. Even with our distance from Los Angeles and Orange County only had a total of about 700,000 people (today, San Clemente has over 65,000 by itself), I recall numerous Smog Alerts and days when I had breathed so much smog that my lungs hurt and I had to go home and lay down.

Since I can’t recall a Smog Alert in 30 years and Orange County, by itself, now with over 3,000,000 people, it is obvious that we have made incredible progress in cleaning our air. Unfortunately, political agendas have a tendency of hiding the truth from the public. I am not saying we do not have work to do, but let’s celebrate the progress we have made.

That said, it is true that combustion, respiration, deforestation, and man-made processes have reduced Oxygen levels in our air. Further, any big city is going to have some levels of pollution floating around that you will breathe on any given day. And not only are we breathing pollution from the outside world, but also from the inside one. Indoor pollution and lack of oxygen intake can become an even worse challenge.

In our home, we like to keep the windows open as much as possible because we like to constantly have fresh air moving through the house. I can’t stand stale air. I think we have all had the experience of entering a home or building and immediately realizing that the air has not been changed in days. When that happens, I am always wondering "what" I am breathing.

It’s just common sense that when you are vegetate inside with all the window’s and doors closed, you are breathing in and out is what you or others have already breathed in and out. This can also lead to Carbon Dioxide buildup which most of us know can be deadly.

We are reminded of this at least once a year when some "bright bulb, rocket scientist" thinks its okay to use his barbeque or Coleman stove to heat up the house. Unfortunately, the consequences are often deadly. So, another free solution to increasing your Oxygen intake is to simply open up your windows and breathe deeply. Just make sure that there isn’t a giant diesel truck idling close by!

Hey sports fans. Here is another solution if you've got the bucks!

A common but expensive technique for increasing oxygenation levels involves the use of an incredibly complex device called a hyperbaric chamber such as those commonly used for treating divers suffering from decompression sickness.

The elevated oxygen saturation’s provided by hyperbaric therapies have been proven clinically effective in wound care, gangrene, carbon monoxide poisoning, certain types of cancers, speeding healing in burn patients, treatment of anemia, etc.

The chamber is actually a great big tank in which the patient is placed and then pressurized so that their bodies can absorb more oxygen. The increased ambient pressure elevates the partial pressure of oxygen in the bloodstream and can permit oxygenation levels equivalent to 140% at sea level. The medical community knows that when nothing else will help, Oxygen can come to the rescue and work miracles!

A great many persons, including Hollywood celebrities, routinely use such chambers for increasing their oxygen levels. The ‘rich and famous spend thousands of dollars and countless hours in these chambers. But don't you think there has to be an easier, safer and more affordable way to give your body more Oxygen?

As we have discussed in the last three Blogs, learn to breathe effectively on an ongoing basis, keep the air fresh in your home or work environment and do your best to avoid breathing around known pollutants.

More incredible benefits from Oxygen!

1) Improves chemical imbalances in the body.
2) Relieves headache
3) Accelerates healing time for injuries
4) Lowers blood pressure
5) Relieves stress and anxiety
6) Allows the body to direct enough oxygen to its primary functions without having to draw on valuable reserves.
7) Helps reverse premature aging
8) Relieves symptoms of PMS in women
9) Helps displace damaging free radicals
10) Helps neutralize harmful toxins in cells, tissues and bloodstream.

I hope these series of Blogs on Oxygen have taught you the absolute importance of using Oxygen in any healthy and balanced diet. You have the power to change your health and your life.

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Jonathan Morgan Jenkins

Monday, October 8, 2007

Oxygen - The Best Medicine / Blog #3

In my last Blog on 9/26; we continued our discussion of the importance of oxygen for, not only singing and speaking, but for overall physical health. It is a fact that, when many of us search for solutions to proper Vocal Training, Breathing Exercises or Remedies for Sore Vocal Chords, we have a tendency to think the answer is always something complicated that is hidden in some medical journal. Because of bad public relations regarding Natural Cures (there have been a lot of scams), many of us shy away simple solutions and search for a complicated answer. Maybe it is time to simply Breath Deeply every time we breathe and start with the solutions that are within our power to perform. My 25 years of teaching private voice has proven this on a daily basis.

The fact is that we can increase our body's Oxygen easily and naturally. Unfortunately, it is some in the Medical Community, Drug Companies and Sales and Advertising businesses that want us to think it is hard and only they have the answers.

For example; If we are overweight, obese and shortening our life, we are not informed how irresponsible we are for destroying our precious bodies, we are told “we have a disease that makes us fat” and we have an “excuse” for our “active chewing”. My mother, bless her heart, just lost a 3-year battle with cancer. Now CANCER is a disease. When we start referring to overweight people who constantly “graze” and get fat, we are not only telling them a lie that does not help them, we are also diminishing what a REAL DISEASE is. The ultimate answer is not diet pills, expensive clinics, gastric bypass surgery or making excuses. It is a consistent exercise program with a moderate, high protein diet accompanied by lots of water. Add a lot of healthy oxygen through proper breathing techniques and we get a simple, natural and low cost solution.

May I be blunt? The truth is, all through history, I never seen a picture of any overweight or obese people in a prison camp. Look at pictures of Senator John McCain and the other heroes in the Hanoi Hilton. Not an overweight one in the bunch. So, lets be real. Obesity in America is an avoidable epidemic. The math is simple. When you take in more calories than you burn, you will get fat. If someone needs counseling to help them regulate their food intake, that is fine. But, lets not start off on the wrong foot and call “chowing down” a disease. The only real solution is for everyone to respect their precious gift, their body, and fill it with healthy food all day long and exercise on a regular basis. Further, we must deep breathe generous amounts of FREE OXYGEN.

Sorry for the soapbox! I just have a "pet peeve" about being politically correct when great health is such a precious gift and so important.

Now, back to the important topic of Oxygen. Breathing is an act we can perform better that is important and FREE. Aerobic Exercise is any exercise that increases the level of oxygen in the body. This exercise, whether it is, walking, jogging, cycling, dancing, or swimming, conditions the heart and lungs to work more efficiently. When the lungs give our heart the oxygen it needs, it doesn’t have to over work, making it more vulnerable to heart attacks. Most fitness experts recommend a minimum of 30 minutes a day, three to five times a week. I try to exercise at least 30 minutes every day. Trust me, I am just like everybody else. If I did not balance out my caloric intake with exercise, I would be big as a house. I would rather live in a house and not become one.

As I have taught in my Free On line Vocal Training Videos, deep breathing in a slow and relaxed way oxygenates and relaxes the body. Deep coordinated inhalation brings oxygen to the tissues, while deep exhalation moves wastes from the body. Without proper breathing coordination our built up tensions will cause our breathing to become erratic and shallow. By consciously replacing that habit by deeper breathing, we can bring partial benefits to both the mind and body.

Even our diet can help produce higher oxygen levels. A diet highest in oxygen is a raw food diet with a high concentration of fruits, green vegetables and sprouted seeds and nuts. This is largely because live fruits, green vegetables and sprouted/soaked seeds and nuts are composed of water, which are hydrogen and oxygen and mostly oxygen by weight. The green in the vegetable is chlorophyll, which is very close in atomic structure to human blood. Chlorophyll has a magnesium atom and human blood differs only with an iron atom. With the enzymes from raw food, the magnesium ion is changed to an iron one making blood able to transport oxygen for human use instead of CO2 for plant use.

Cooking can kill the enzymes are almost as important as oxygen and in some ways more important. Enzymes are excellent sources of both alkalizing minerals, which help your cells stay at healthy PH. Anti-oxidants protect our cells from free-radical damage. An oxygen-depleting diet would consist of one high cooked foods, red meat, sugar, saturated fats, white bread, processed and frozen foods, and carbonated beverages. Switching to an oxygen-rich diet often brings immediate energy and a more vibrant face, skin and positive attitude. Choose foods rich in chlorophyll such as dark green leafy foods like spinach, broccoli, kale, mustard greens, spirulina, chlorella and blue-green algae. Juice them for optimal results.

What else can enhance Oxygen? Stabilized oxygen electrolytes are sold as a liquid to be added to water by drops. The oxygen contained within the solution is released when it comes in contact with stomach acid and is then absorbed, acting as an antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal substance. This is very expensive and inefficient compared to better breathing and increased raw live foods. It is better to do it for FREE.

Massage is another important therapy that increases circulation which results in more oxygen being carried to the individual cells of the body. Massage enhances all essential body processes by opening the passageways of liquid and energy movement within the body. This process also helps in the breaking up and elimination of toxins.

More benefits of increased oxygen.

1) Increases energy levels
2) Increases stamina and endurance
3) Enhances the absorption of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, proteins and other important nutrients.
4) Rapid fatigue recovery
5) Lowers resting heart rate
6) Kills infectious bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites, but does not harm the "Good” microorganisms the body needs.
7) Relieves pain
8) Improves circulation
9) Sleep better
10)/Strengthens the immune system
11) Heightens concentration and alertness
12) Increases fat metabolism resulting in loss of body fat.
13) Calms the nervous system
14) Improves memory

Another Expert Opinion

"...Oxygen is ideal as the main ingredient in any life form with a nervous system. Oxygen's conductivity allows it to readily combine with conductive organic materials for transmitting nerve signals. The brain and nervous system consume far more oxygen in proportion to their weight than the rest of the body.
The constant firing of micro-electric impulses across the synapses requires a great deal of energy. If there isn't enough oxygen available for the nerve cells to fire dependably when needed, the brain can't help but function less effectively."

The Townsend Letters for Doctors

I hope your understanding of the absolute importance of Oxygen is increasing with my series of Blogs on the subject. Whatever we do in life, Oxygen is an important part of our daily health and success. We have one more Blog on this subject coming soon.

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