Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Independence as a Singer, Public Speaker, Actor, Music Student, Instrumentalist or American Citizen is Critical for your Success.

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One of the most incredible founding principles of America is the achievement of the Independence of the individual. As Vocalists or Instrumentalists, we must also become independent through proper music education and use of the latest technology to improve our musicianship.

This month I want to put some “Practical Feet” on an issue that I feel very strongly about. One of the most incredible founding principles of America is the achievement of the Independence of the individual. Have you ever heard of The Declaration of Independence? Unfortunately, there are many young people today that do not know what this document is, let alone what it means. Further, schools are becoming more and more a place to indoctrinate children about the latest Social Engineering Experiment and not teach them those important skills that will ultimately help them to become independent and productive members of society that will have the skills and confidence to visualize and solve the future challenges the world delivers.

The truth about America, especially in our past, is that this freedom has created a country that has been in existence for only a little over 300 years that has become the leader of the free world. May I remind all of us where the greatest inventions were created in the last 150 years have come from? The Telephone, Radio, Television, Film, Electronics, Computers, Aircraft, Appliances, Recording Equipment, Cars, Trains, Water Dams, Space Travel, Construction, Defense, Medicine, etc. The list goes on and on.

Why is this? It is because people have the freedom to visualize their dreams and are aware that once they do, they will have the freedom to improve society and profit by them. In contrast, lets compare the failed political philosophy of Communism. When the State owns you, controls you and tries to play “Daddy”, the human spirit has little incentive to grow and dream. That is why, in my opinion, we should always be wary of political social agendas that want to “provide all the needs of everyone.” This type of thinking only benefits the egos of those who want to implement such destructive political agendas. They do not benefit the individual because once you indoctrinate people that “the Government will always take care of them,” they will begin to lose their incentive to become an individual success. This thinking unchecked and not defeated will eventually destroy the principles of freedom that have made America great. It is good to remember that Socialism is nothing more than Communism Light!

We see this happening in the social structures of our families. Because parents want to be “their children’s friend” or ignore them altogether and have the “nanny” raise them, children enter the real world with little or no skills to be Independent. No wonder they end up wanting to live at home, homeless, on drugs, etc. This is because many parents have completely ignored their duties as parents. A parent’s job from a child’s birth is to make that child fully functional and independent by the time they are legal adults. Trust me, the goal cannot be reached by being a weak parent and only becoming a child’s “friend.” As any “real” parent knows, children will fight boundaries but will thank you in the long run when they grow up and see that you have prepared them to function in the real world.

At this point you are probably wondering about the “Practical Feet” for musicians that I promised in my opening sentence. One of my major goals as a Music Educator for 26 years has been to teach all my students to become independent musicians. For instance, when I teach voice, I avoid clich├ęs like, “Sing in your High Voice,” of “Sing in your Chest Voice,” and not give anyone the practical connection to those statements. You can click “here” and get a Free Preview of my Ebook where I discuss this in Chapter 2. (sign up in the column to the left) I still continue to be amazed at the Vocal Students I inherit from other teachers or Music Programs that have heard the word Diaphragm but have very little or no understanding “what” it is. They are told to “sing from their Diaphragm” without any practical explanation about what that means. One of the first things I teach all my students is the parts of the body that make the voice work. I believe, when I teach them not just “what” works but “how” it works, they will not only perform independently once they leave me but they will also be able to teach another these important principles.

Further, I sell very inexpensive recording studios at my web site. (Click Here to see it) Why? Because an important part of becoming an independent vocalist or instrumentalist is being able to “hear” yourself perform. How else can you obtain an honest rendition of your efforts? Does this not make sense? Of course it does. And, when you can, you have become Independent. And when can depend on nobody else to achieve your goals, your ability to improve will be empowered. This should be a primary goal of any musician.

The truth is, when brave men and women were founding this country, they did not look to a government program to assist them or ease their pain, they had to figure out a way to survive and improve their life. Through this effort, many incredible inventions came forth. These are the efforts that built America. As musicians, we must embrace the information and technology that has been given to us through the diligent efforts of others and use them to become Independence Musicians that can teach ourselves and another. There are few greater services to mankind than to make the decision to pass along important skills to others with a giving spirit.

Now, let me share with you a few resources that you can find Free Information or Musical Tools.

Here is a site where I get almost all my MP3’s and it is Free in its basic service plan. For a cheap upgrade, you can get better service. Since it is a music sharing service, there aren’t any Copyright problems. I have found numerous tracks of obscure music here. Further, you can find many Karaoke Tracks, as well as Video, Documents, Images and Programs.

A forum filled with Free Vocalist Information

Another resource is Yahoo Groups and Google Groups where you can find Free Information on Numerous issues.

If you are a Karaoke Enthusiast, here are a few good links.

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